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Dating Background Checks

In our society, online dating is hugely popular. With a few clicks, a person can create an entire persona online and appear to be whomever they choose. It is of the utmost importance to vet and verify information provided before jumping into a relationship with someone. The key word here is: "Before". I can't tell you the number of people who contact our firm for background checks on a relatively new boyfriend or girlfriend and we find they are actually living together or have been dating for months and have done no research to determine the person's background.

Our basic Background Check will provide a great amount of information on an individual so you can make an informed choice. Common information returned during our Background Checks include the following:

1) Address History

2) Business Affiliations

3) Bankruptcy Filings

4) Criminal History

5) Civil Litigation and Lawsuits

6) Liens

7) Liens

8) Foreclosures

9) Evictions

10) Vehicle / Property Ownership

11) Relatives and Associates

If you have questions, we can get the answers. Just remember that the best time to conduct and Background Check is before you get serious.

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