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We have assisted numerous parents in recovering their children who have been kidnapped by a non-custodial parent or relative. If you have custody of a child that has been unlawfully removed from your custody, call us for a consultation. We can assist you in locating the child and coordinating with local law enforcement and / or the local Florida courts. We work with parents that are in the State of Florida and outside the State but believe their child is in Florida.


Some of Our Successful Child Abduction Recoveries:

April 2019 - A father called and said the mother of his two small daughters fled their home state with the children. He suspected she came to Florida. She registered a vehicle at a relative's address to purposely through off attempts to locate her. Within 72 hours we located her, found the children and served her with legal papers requiring her to return to their home state.

February 2019 - We were contacted by a mother because her son was taken from his elementary school by his father who had just been released from prison in another state. Within 3 days we were able to locate the father in New Mexico. Our client flew to New Mexico and through our network of investigators and legal consultants, she was able to recover her son and bring him safely home.

December 2016 - We were contacted by a P.I. firm from another country when they found out a mother had fled from her native country to Florida with her two small daughters. The mother was under investigation by child protective services in her country for illegal drug use and child neglect. We we able to track down the mother and facilitate the recovery of the children. We assisted the client in getting the foreign court order accepted by Florida courts. Both children are now safe with their grandmother in their home country.

August 2016 - A father believed his son was in the Central Florida area after the non-custodial parent abducted the child and fled. Within 3 days, we were successful in locating the child, assisting the father with the court system and recovering the man's son without incident.


May 2015 - A father called and said he had a court order from Georgia awarding him full-custody of his 6 year old son. We located the mother in Florida and identified the school his son was attending. The mother was using a false name. We assisted the father in having his Georgia court order recognized by the Florida courts and within hours, he was reunited with his son.

November 2014 - A mother requested assistance as her ex-husband was in town from a foreign country. Previously, the father had attempted to obtain foreign passports for the two children so that he could take them to his home country. In addition to conducting surveillance on the father while he was in town, we also organized a safe-house location for the mother and her children to stay at and provided small GPS tracking devices for the mother and both of her school age children. The father, unable to locate the children, left town and flew back to his home country.

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August 2014 - A father requested assistance locating his 6 month old son who had been kidnapped by his drug-addicted mother. The court had awarded full-custody to the father because the child had been born addicted to drugs. The mother, during a scheduled and supervised visitation, fled with the child. Not only were we able to locate her within 3 days, but during our investigation we discovered the mother buying drugs while her boyfriend "watched" the baby in a small duplex with no electricity. Law enforcement was called and the child was recovered and returned to the father. (The above video screen shot was taken during the child's recovery by our investigators.)


April 2014 - A father from Connecticut requested assistance when his two young daughters (ages 9 and 6) were abducted by their mother and taken to Florida. The father had a full-custody order from his home state. We were able to locate the mother and children within 7 days in South Florida. The children were returned to their father.

If your child has been kidnapped and you believe they are in Florida, call us! 


Assistance is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.... (386) 310-4812

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