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                                         Basic Locate Investigations

Rick Raymond is a Court Certified Expert in Locate Investigations

& Missing Persons.


"We can find Anyone..... Anywhere!"*


We specialize in locating people and missing persons throughout Central Florida and the United States. Whether you need locate services for missing heirs, elusive process service, runaway children or a missing witness, our Daytona Beach, Florida Private Investigators can assist you and our techniques have proven to be consistently successful. What's more, we find 90% of the people we are searching for for less than $200 cost to our clients.


We maintain comprehensive resources and working partnerships with investigative resources and assets around the world. Additionally, we have access to numerous private and proprietary sources not available to the general public and, quite often, not available to other P.I. firms.



We can conduct locate investigations in Florida or Nationwide to establish the current whereabouts of an individual or company sought in connection with legal or business matters. A large majority of people sought are successfully located by our agency and, in many instances, information relating to the financial position and criminal and civil background of the person is developed during the course of our locate investigation.


Our Florida Private Investigators locate people for a variety of reasons. We locate: witnesses relevant to civil & criminal investigations; missing family members or long lost friends for individuals; insured clients for insurance companies; individuals who owe a debt, classmates and many others.


Our investigation can be done discreetly and does not have to make the person aware they are being located, unless the client wishes to have direct contact with the  person being located.


We have access to hundreds of databases nationwide with millions of names and addresses not available to the general public. These include driver history records, consumer profiles, social security data, post office forwarding data, mailing lists, voter registration records, utility records, reverse telephone directories, real property records, and a host of other public and proprietary databases.



Locate Investigations are one of our absolute specialties... 



Rick Raymond - Daytona Beach Private Investigators

"Florida's Foremost Private Investigator"


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I want to locate an old boyfriend / girlfriend or long lost family member. How does that work?


We perform locate investigations every day. The reason for the locate investigation varies from case to case. Sometimes we locate heirs for an attorney who is trying to settle an estate. Other times we locate people for non-payment of child support. These cases are business or litigation related and once we locate the subject, we just turn the results over to the client or attorney. The difference with personal locates is that the person being located has a reasonable expectation to privacy. The person being located may not want to have contact with our client. For that reason, we will accept locate investigations of a personal nature, however, once we find the subject, we contact them first and ask if it is all right to have the client make contact with them. If the subject of the locate investigation does not wish to have contact, that message is relayed to our client.

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