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Basic Background Checks - Get the Facts!


Background Checks and Background Investigations are useful in numerous situations. We conduct our background checks in a methodical and thorough manner. Initially, we verify a subject's full name and date of birth and then determine locations where the subject has resided in their lifetime. From that point a comprehensive search is conducted to determine civil litigation history, criminal records, sexual offender records, bankruptcies, business affiliations, voter records, vehicle ownership, professional licenses, marriage records, divorce, lawsuits and a myriad of other available public records. We also perform background checks on business entities and have access to powerful, proprietary database information not available to the general public. 


Know who you are dealing with!  Information is power! 


Before signing a contract or marrying someone, get the facts. Maybe you met someone online and want to check them out! Due diligence and pre-marital background checks can help you make an informed decision! 


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