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The evidence our Daytona Private Investigators can collect in an Alimony Reduction Investigation or Cohabitation Investigation can assist our clients who pay alimony when requesting a reduction in alimony due to a change in circumstances. 

Often when a couple gets divorced, the divorce decree stipulates that spousal support or alimony payments will either cease or be reduced if the person receiving these payments gets remarried, obtains employment or lives in the same home with another adult who contributes to the household. That other adult does not have to be a romantic partner.

Often the party receiving the alimony payments does not properly report the change in circumstances and continues to receive alimony checks fraudulently.  We can assist you in getting proof that your ex who receives alimony payments is living with someone else...or is now employed. 

Our Alimony Reduction Investigations, to include surveillance, investigative research and trash pulls, have helped our clients save considerable sums of money by terminating undeserved spousal support and alimony payments.

We can help to prove that your ex-spouse who receives alimony:


  • Has obtained a new job / employment

  • Receives pay or cash under the table

  • Operates a business out of the home

  • Has a non-relative person who lives with / or contributes to the household

Our Alimony Reduction Investigations have proven highly successful. Particularly, when approached by professional Florida Private Investigators in a methodical and strategic manner. Call us today to discuss your Alimony Reduction Investigation.

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