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Our Showroom is located at

553 Ballough Road

Daytona Beach, Florida 32114



(386) 310-4812

Rick Raymond Investigations & Spy Equipment also operates the DAYTONA SPY SHOP. We are a fully stocked and full service spy shop in Daytona and offer high quality spy gear, hidden cameras, surveillance equipment, covert home monitoring cameras, GPS Trackers and nanny cams. We will assist you in the set up of a hidden camera in your home or office. 


Keep an eye on your nanny or babysitter inside your home. Monitor your home remotely from your smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi Spy Camera. These cameras are highly effective to find out who is stealing or committing thefts at workplaces, residences, etc. We have hard-wired cameras as well as battery operated cameras with Wi-Fi capability so you can monitor what is happening remotely from your iPad, iPhone or Android smartphone device. We also carry professional grade body-worn covert surveillance cameras and audio recording devices.


Cameras come in a variety of designs from Smoke Detectors and coffee cups to AC Chargers and pens. 

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Daytona Beach, Florida GPS Trackers for sale
Daytona Beach, Florida Spy Shop, self defense weapons, tasers, Stun Guns for Bikers, Biker knives
Daytona Beach Spy Shop, florida, hidden audio recorders, tiny voice recorders, spy cams, wifi remote viewing hidden c
Florida spy store in Daytona beach. Largest Spy Shop in Central Florida.
Covery Spy Coin with hidden compartment. Cool spy gadgets.
Hidden Diversion Safes and Stash Safe to hide valuables in plain sight
Spy Camera Sample Videos - Daytona Spy Shop & Stun Gun Store. Tasers, Stash Safes, GPS Trackers, OC Pepper Spray

Call our Showroom today

(386) 310-4812

553 Ballough Road, Daytona Beach

Daytona Spy Store, Hidden Cameras, Spy Gear, Spy Gadgets, Tasers, GPS Trackers, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Biker & Tactical Knives
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