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Child Custody Investigations

We've been handling a large amount of child custody cases for various clients lately. Many of these clients have upcoming court hearings and require documentation of the "other" parent quickly so they can take the evidence with them to court. Our best professional advice is to obtain evidence as early as possible. Oftentimes, the "other" parent is on their best behavior just before a court hearing.

Another factor to consider is whether the "evidence" is helpful in court or not. It would be a waste of money for our client to pay for a week of surveillance just to show that the other parent "has a girlfriend" or "doesn't always wear a seatbelt" when driving. Always consult with a family law attorney when deciding to hire a professional investigator. Our firm suggests it strongly to make sure the evidence you are obtaining will actually be of value.

If we can assist you with any child custody or domestic / marital investigations...give us a call.

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