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Frequently Asked Questions about Spousal Infidelity Investigations


Infidelity - Adultery - Cheating Spouse - Spouse Having an Affair?




How much does an infidelity investigation cost?

Typically, we can obtain answers for most cheating spouse cases within 2-4 days of surveillance. Some cases are shorter and some take longer. We are dealing with human nature, which is always unpredictable. It depends on your spouse's particular schedule and the specifics of your case. We do not believe in hidden charges and will do all we can to work within your budget.



What if my spouse, or significant other, finds out I hired a P.I.? 

Confidentiality and discretion is our utmost concern. We will never tell anyone that you retained our Private Investigative firm for any reason. Our Florida Private Investigators are trained to detect if a subject of our investigation or surveillance might be becoming aware of our investigative efforts. Our professional Florida private investigators remain covert and discreet in all situations. In addition, Florida State Law requires Florida Private Investigators to maintain full confidentiality regarding their client's cases. You enjoy the same type of confidentiality privileges as you would with your attorney or clergy.



What should I do once I have hired a P.I. to do surveillance on my spouse? 

Do nothing that you would not normally do. It is imperative that you act normal. Remember, your spouse was acting strangely to begin with. That is why you hired a P.I. You should act completely normal so as not to arouse the cheating spouse's suspicion. Do NOT ever tell or threaten the cheating spouse that you will hire, or have hired, a P.I. It makes surveillance that much harder. 



What if I am wrong and my spouse is not cheating?

We report back with facts. If we determine that no infidelity appears to be going on, that is what we will report back to you. You will have gained peace of mind in knowing that your spouse isn't cheating on you. Additionally, because we maintain 100% confidentiality, you will not have risked your relationship with you spouse ever knowing that you hired an infidelity investigator in the first place.



How many investigators are used on infidelity / adultery investigations?

In a standard Florida surveillance situation where we will be following the subject from home or a simple office/workplace location, one investigator is used. Some situations require more than one private investigator such as: fast or aggressive drivers, following someone from a high rise building or at an airport, very attentive or suspicious people, etc... When the FBI or police agencies conduct surveillance, they use a 4-6 person team of investigators. We attempt to keep costs down for our clients, but sometimes using a second investigator is necessary.



What type of evidence/documentation will I receive from you when my case is finished?

We document as much as possible during the investigation on HD digital videotape. When we finish our investigation, you will receive a professionally written report that can be used in court. In addition, you will receive a CD/DVD copy of all videotape obtained during our investigation.



Will your investigators testify in court if I need them to?

The short answer is YES, absolutely. We will be prepared to testify to what we observed and reported in any court. Should you need our Florida private investigators to testify in court, additional charges will need to be paid for the investigators time.




If you have any questions that we have not covered above, feel free to call us at 

(386) 310-4812 

and we will be happy to answer them.


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